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In my last role I was hired to coordinate over $120k in sponsorships and donations. I increased our customer base by 20% and revenue generation spiked by 150% within 4 months.

I'm known for bringing a fun, positive and refreshing mindset to work every day. I am someone who can make light out of a situation and bring out the best in others.

A few of the sales metrics I had in my last role were 50 outbound sales calls weekly, 3 new opportunities a month, and average deal size of $20K.

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Applied for Sales Manager

Stephanie Bouchard
My greatest accomplishment to date has been generating deal sizes of $50K when the average deal size at the company was $20K.
LinkedIn, Instagram
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English, Spanish
85% Match
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Alex N.

Senior Talent Specialist at TouchBistro

"HiredHippo has been a breath of fresh air to use for candidate quality, ease of use and turn around time. It doesn't feel like yet another system to manage, in fact its become a dependable source in a massively competitive space."

Olha S.

Manager, People & Culture at FormHero

"We hired a stellar candidate on HiredHippo! We definitely got access to more diverse candidates and I highly recommend this product for a more creative way to hire candidates."

Joseph F.

CEO at Kiite

"HiredHippo is the fastest way to build real connections with great people who are looking for opportunities like what we have to offer. It cuts through the bull and delivers matches immediately."

Jordan H.

President at ChefHero

"HireHippo is an incredibly effective way of hiring for our sales team. The product is easy to use and the candidates are well matched. I plan to continue to use the product as we scale our organization. Having hired salespeople my entire career, I've been waiting for a product like HiredHippo."

Becca S.

Manager, Customer Success at LevelJump

"We love working with HiredHippo at LevelJump! We hired our Customer Success lead through the platform. Such a simple and effective tool for recruiting."

Rachel D.

Talent Acquisition at Stanley Black & Decker

"I can attest that this new platform is one of the best new ways to find employees. We were looking for a unique skillset and by using HiredHippo, we were able to identify the right talent that we successfully hired. It is so easy to use."

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