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Think you’re the top 5% of talent? Apply here to get poached by top start-ups that want to chat. Like a dating app, pick and choose to connect only with tech firms that fit your goals.

Candidate Advantages

Access a network of exclusive tech roles while staying anonymous

HiredHippo isn’t your typical job or recruitment platform. Nor is it like working with headhunters. Instead, join more than 15,000 other top talent across Canada and the US to instantly (and anonymously) match with dream jobs from leading tech startups and other rapidly scaling tech companies you won’t find anywhere else.

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You're in the driver's seat and 100% curate which jobs you match with

Tell us your personal career interests, experience, skills preferred work culture, must-have perks and ideal salary as part of our 4-step onboarding. Intelligent matching will then do the rest by matching your personalized feedback across 20+ criteria with career opportunities. Find opportunities that offer your desired role, perks and values.

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Crush interviews using behind-the-scenes insights

So much of finding a job the traditional way today is one big black hole. Instead, HiredHippo delivers deep insight on what matters most so that you can land your dream job - including exclusive details into the interview process, salary details, career progression, management style, work environment and company culture.

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Personalize your story by chatting directly in real-time with employers

Unlike other career platforms, you control your narrative on HiredHippo. We partner with leading, innovative companies that are looking to fill tech roles in fields like sales, marketing, design, project management, engineering and web development. Chat directly with recruiters and hiring managers to personalize your career story and understand their goals and priorities.

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Additional ways to earn side income and grow your career

In addition to matching you with full-time and part-time roles, HiredHippo also allows you to earn extra income in your spare time or break into a new industry by matching you with flexible project-based, hourly gigs and work from home opportunities. Use the Side Hustle feature to match with companies looking for someone with your skills to draft a Go-to-Market plan, create an HR compensation plan, advise on a sales strategy - and more!

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What our candidates are saying

Eli. C.

Director of Sales, hired on HiredHippp

"I tried LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster, Glassdoor and many more but they all lacked the personal touch that HiredHippo delivered."

Natalie G.

Customer Success Manager, hired on HiredHippo

"After months of searching with many tools, I found the one with HiredHippo. We connected on all the points that truly mattered on both sides, making for a much more pleasant and productive interview and hiring process. I am now super happy with my role and would highly recommend HiredHippo!"

Salma A.

Enterprise Account Executive, hired on HiredHippo

"Thanks to HiredHippo, I landed an amazing opportunity that matched all the criteria I was looking for when thinking about my next career move. HiredHippo is filled with innovative startups that are looking for strong candidates in various different fields."

Nero D.

Sales Director, hired on HiredHippo

"Before HiredHippo the job hunt was long, tedious and unfulfilling. HiredHippo put me in touch with the hiring contact immediately via DMs & gave me access to opportunities that I normally would not be looked at for."

Devon B.

Sales Development Rep, hired on HiredHippo

"I spent 8 months applying to jobs, spending hours crafting and adapting my resume to every role. It could take hours, and I had no idea if anyone even read it. HiredHippo simplified and centralized the process. I loved being able to focus my energy into one single profile and resume."